How To Build a Virtual Real Estate Empire Fast!

With internet marketing, you can typically put most revenue streams into one of 2 broad categories:

– Owning a product
– Reselling (as an affiliate marketer)

Yes, there are certain other revenue streams out there, but for the most part a lot of them fall into these 2 broad areas. And most people started out in the 2nd category.

John Chow is a successful example how a regular blogger takes his blog from zero to $40K/month in 2 years running a blog in the affiliate marketing niche.

You can build a site from scratch like John does or start your virtual real estate using premium premade affiliate blogs from a professional site builder like us.


Save time + money

The whole purpose of buying a pre-made blog is to leverage our professional skills to save you time and money. You don’t have to waste time building sites from scratch, messing around with HTML code, resizing images to fit your theme, locating the best converting affiliate products, or the host of other tasks required to set-up a blog.

Buying a blog that is custom- made is very expensive and a bit risky. I’ve seen so many sad stories when marketers hire the wrong freelancers. Endless waiting, delays on projects, some freelancers stop communication and then thousands of dollars are lost.

Who knows, you might be dealing with a part- timer trying to make a few bucks to pay for tuition fees. When you buy our pre-made blogs, you see the ‘ready-made’ product. You buy exactly what you see. The best par it — you can be up and running in less than a day.

When you set-up one of our blogs on your own domain you just rewrite the content (or hire us to do it) and you’ll immediately make your site unique in Google’s eyes.

Note: If you’re into multiple niches like some of our customers are doing, buying a high quality content spinner like The Best Spinner will save you money in the long-term.

That’s how most smart marketers turn a pre-made blog template into unique blogs, allowing them to quickly market into new niches with minimal investment of time or money.


Enough theories let me give you an action plan…

I wanted to make sure that the information and action plans are simplified into a few key steps. This way you eliminate information overload and start building your 1st virtual real estate quickly.

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  • Step 1- Buy the blogs you like here on
  • Step 2- Decide on the domain names you want. Register your domain names at (around $10/domain).
  • Step 3- Order a reliable web hosting plan. Most budget hosts are less than $10/month to host unlimited domains. So, get one hosting plan to host all your niche sites. If you’re looking for a hosting plan, I recommend Hostgator’s baby hosting plan. 90% of my clients use them. They are very reliable and WordPress-friendly. Use this link to get 25% off Hostgator (Use coupon: HOSTGATORV25)
  • Step 4- Upload all blog content to the domains. We have 12 tutorial videos + PDF guides to show you how to do this correctly.
  • Step 5- Depending on the niche sites you buy, you may need to apply to join Clickbank, Amazon associates program, CPA network and Commission Junction. In each blog package we show you which affiliate network the blogs are monetized with.
  • Step 6- Create your affiliate links and set them up on your site.
  • Step 7- Rewrite the blog posts so that you have a unique site in Google’s eyes.
  • Step 8- Set-up on-page and off-page SEO. I’m giving you some actionable content to get going on ranking your site on Google here on this link.


Once the blog is up and running on your domain, it’s a complete site. Not much “maintenance” is required. Of course, adding extra content is helpful for Google ranking.

That’s about it 😉

You can get pre-made blogs on many niches here on our site. If you can’t locate a pre-made blog in the niche you want to target we can customize one for you on your selected niche. You can check out my offer here on the Warrior Forum

Have questions? You can write me here on my support page and I’ll get back to you in 24 hours.

Best Regards,