How Much Money Can You Make Using Premade Sites?

There is a lot of money to be made in each niche market we choose to build our sites around.

We’ve set up some of the best converting products and offers we can locate for each niche site. Once your blog is up and running, it’s ready to convert traffic into sales. You’ll just have to drive traffic to your blog.

Here’s a quick case study on how one of my Warrior Forum customer generated $161.79 his first 27 days using our “Gold and Silver Investment” premade blog.

No, not “crazy money”, but this is going to be a pretty big breakthrough to those who are still struggling to make their first $1 online. Once you get the hang of it and multiply that by 20-30 niches then you will make good money every month.


Adsense vs Affiliate Products

Keep this in mind, Adsense usually makes you your first dollars when you get started. Getting your audience to click on ads is easier then getting them to pull out there wallet. So, that’s easy to understand.

But Adsense is not something you “must have”. At the end of the day, affiliate products/CPA is going to contribute most of the income.

I have a customer with a health site. Google sends close to 70,000 unique visitor from organic searches to this site every month. And he’s making around $900/month with Adsense.

Another customer of mine makes $1500 per month out of just 6000 unique hits monthly. He sells affiliate products only.

Your income depends on your ability to drive traffic (you can outsource this, need advice? Here is more info), and the time and effort you are willing to spend on each project.


Every Niche is Different

How much money can you make using our premade sites? Every niche is different. Some niches make you more money and some less.

Honestly, it’s hard for me (or any honest provider) to answer the question. I can throw in any numbers just to satisfy your curiosity but that’s just not the way I do things.

I see many providers in Internet Marketing forums throw in specific numbers to buyers, but that doesn’t happen in the real world.

It depends on many factors like niche selections, competition, merchant’s conversion rate etc. We have customers making zero and we have customers making $1000-$3000 per blog each month on certain niches.

I think you get it… Pick a niche (or a few ones) you’re passionate about and will enjoy researching. Work on it, add content ( This tool is useful ), and build backlinks.

Learn more about affiliate marketing and SEO while you’re working on your own sites. Outsource the work you are not comfortable with doing yourself.

Allow some time and you will be successful.

You can get premade blogs on many niches here on our site. If you can’t locate a premade blog in the niche you want to target for, we can customize one for you on your selected niche. You can check out my offer here on the Warrior Forum

Have questions? You can write me here on my support page and I’ll get back to you in 24 hours.

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