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Horse racing generated 115 billion US Dollars worldwide.

Horse racing is an exciting way to gamble. With things like blackjack or scratch off tickets, you know right away rather you’ve won or lost. But with horse racing it keeps the bettors at the edge of their seats. So it’s a spectator sport as well as a gambling activity.

For as long as the sport has been around, people have been trying to beat it. They want to find a sure fire way to make consistent money.

Is this possible? Yes and no, and your blog could explain why. Two things should be note: the first is that there is no sure fire way to win at the races, every single time; but it IS possible to increase the chances of winning.

The second thing to know is that working the numbers to your advantage is not done with just one simple trick or another; it’s a complex series of factors that all work to your advantage the more you can utilize them collectively.

A bettor can achieve an edge by knowing the answers to questions like these; At what age does a horse reach its prime? Does that number change between genders? Do factors like rain affect which horse you should bet on? If a horse hasn’t been in any races for a few weeks, should that raise a red flag? Do heavy horses have any advantages against lighter horses, or vice-versa?

These are just a few examples and all of them branch out into long and detailed explanations as to when they matter and how much. All sorts of factors can affect the outcome of a race. You can help bettors gain the information they need to gain the best advantage.

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