About Us


My name is Verena. Welcome to 25dollarBlogs.com.

Let me tell you a little about myself and my partner Aaron. We’ve been building sites for affiliate marketers on the Warrior Forums since 2010.

We and our team have built more than a thousand affiliate sites on various niche markets. Many of our past clients have been so satisfied with our work that they’ve taken the time to write positive reviews on Warrior Forums (You can read more than 100 satisfied clients comments here).

We’ve become highly recommended and our services have spread viral. We’re one of the most sought-after affiliate site providers on Warrior Forum, if not THE most. Two popular outsourcing book writers have even recommended us as the go-to people in this field.



Affordable and quick way to get started with niche sites

Though our custom blog pricing is reasonably affordable to marketers, (in fact many are saying our service is underpriced considering the high quality sites we provide), $100+ for a custom blog may still be too much for newbie marketers with lower budgets.

This is totally understandable.

Some marketers are also based overseas where US dollars are very expensive in ratio to the local currency. A marketer who wishes to enter several niches at once would require a lot of investment money. This is how the idea of 25dollarblogs.com sprouted.

We wanted to help marketers who needed an affordable and quick way to get started with niche sites. We decided to build ready-made affiliate sites. These premade blog templates still carry the exact premium quality of our custom sites.

We sell the same template to 25 clients. Once sold out, we close the offer and build a new template.

This way, we keep the competition low and at the same time spread the cost down so that everyone will only pay a fraction of our development cost.



Enter into multiple niches and still keep your investment low

We decided to test selling the premade sites on the warrior forum at $25 so that even an affiliate with a low budget can start. The results were excellent, and many affiliates benefited from our services.

With these premade site templates, affiliate marketers are able to enter into multiple niches and still keep their investment low.

With our templates, an affiliate can now try sites for many different niches (more on our bulk discount here); they can start with very low capital outlay compared to alternative services in which people have to pay thousands for custom sites.

This way, affiliates get to test out new niches at a much lower investment.

This is the most cost effective way to build your virtual real estate and make money as an affiliate marketer.



Our services are designed to save you time and money

Learning WordPress, Photoshop, niche market research, and the other skills required to make a professional looking blog from scratch takes a lot of time to master. Outsourcing to build the entire site from nothing will also cost you a lot of money. Our service saves you this hassle and expense.

Want to get into 10 niches at one time?

Just grab 10 ready-made blog templates, rewrite the content from there (you can outsource this very cheaply) and you’ll immediately have 10 unique virtual properties up and running on the Internet.

We hope you see the value you receive by using our premade sites. If you have more questions, you can write me here on our support page.

We wish you the best in your marketing endeavors.


Best Regards,

Verena and Aaron
Founders, 25dollarblogs.com